Bespoke design/redesign service

I offer a bespoke furniture design and production service.  I specialize in upholstered furniture but am happy to discuss other projects.  If you know exactly what you would like I can source materials and build to your specifications.  If you don't have any idea but have a need for seating or storage etc. I can create a selection of designs from which we can work together to come to a solution.

Do you have an old piece of furniture that's a perfect fit for your needs but you don't like the style or colour or it's just seen better days? Or maybe you've watched lots of upcycling programs and bought some battered furniture with the intention of stripping and painting it but never got round to it?  This is where I come in, I will repair, refinish/paint and add any embellishments you require, including mouldings/carving decorative painting or even gilding.  Send me a picture with a description of what you would like, or if creativity is your stumbling block just give me an idea of colours or theme and we can go from there.

Headboards/footstools/curtains etc.

Headboards - I can make any shape and size of headboard in whatever fabric with any kind of trim, these range from a basic ply back to a solid hardwood frame, price dependant on elements, please email for a quote.


Footstools - Same goes for footstools, I can use ready made feet and legs or I can hand turn or carve different shapes and styles.  Again, price depends on elements.


Curtains/blinds - We use a third party for most blinds and curtians in your choice of fabric, they can also provide pelmets and tiebacks, however I will measure, order and fit where  necessary.  More complicated or specialist requests may be done in house.


Furniture projects

Plans, prototypes and production


Custom scatters, made to order.

Travel bags, customisable, made to order.


Furniture for sale 

Furniture available as is, for class projects or to be upholstered in your choice of fabric by me.

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