Upholstery & upcycling courses

Learn traditional and modern upholstery skills, restoration and upcycling on your own furniture.  The new teaching space offers six dedicated, safety distanced workbenches with a full set of upholstery tools, airline with staple gun and an area to store your project.
Tues or Weds morning
1000 - 1300 3hrs
8 weeks £288
Spring block w/c 25/4

Tues or Weds afternoon 
1000 - 1300 2 hrs
8 weeks £192
Spring block w/c 25/4
Tues or Weds evening
1730/1830 - 2030 2hrs/3hrs 8 weeks
Spring block w/c 25/4
Learn how to strip down, repair/refinish frame and woodwork, re-web, replace seat pad traditionally with coir and horsehair or modern foams, apply fabric and finish off with braid, piping or studs.

Winter block full, please use contact page to enquire about joining waiting list 

2022 Class dates

Winter - w/c 11/1 (week off 15/2)   Spring - w/c 26/4   Summer - w/c 12/7   Autumn - w/c 4/10 (week off 18/10)

Chippendale International School of Furniture - Week of traditional upholstery 5-9 September, booking via the school


All upholstery and upcycling classes Edinburgh are all levels, if your project is complicated you are better off with the three hour blocks otherwise you may not finish in the eight weeks, current students get priority booking for next blocks and all other requests are put on a waiting list and updated four weeks before new block start date.

If you have a project in mind already I am happy to attempt anything with you but bear in mind that if you have no experience and it's complicated it may take more than eight weeks, you are welcome to book subsequent blocks.  If you are looking for a greater understanding of upholstery but have no project I would suggest a dining chair or footstool using traditional methods.  
Plague - I will go through Covid rules at the beginning of the first class, we all know by now what they are likely to be, hopefully things will be a little more relaxed by next block but should it negatively affect classes and we can't go ahead I will refund deposits where requested or simply change dates if forced to postpone.
​Workshop - All tools are provided unless you want to bring your own, I have all traditional and modern materials to pay as you go or add up at the end, I can also order fabric at a discount from a large selection of suppliers. 
Parking is currently free in the area but the trams are making everything a little difficult so best to check with me first.  If you are not planning to drive you are welcome to arrange a time to drop off your project prior to first class.

Course booking - I reserve the right not to run a course if there is not enough uptake, this is especially important during Covid as no one knows where we will be....at any time.  I will make every effort to accommodate with new times or dates and of course refund if I cannot.  Full payment is required two weeks before first class, if you want to cancel for any reason let me know you are not intending to pay the balance before the two week period prior to class and I will refund your deposit.

Please be aware that any classes missed are forfeited, unfortunately we have too many students now to accommodate everyone.